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Men's Health in Duval County

Three adult men are shot to death every week in Duval county and four extra each month will be killed by other means either in a suicide or a homicide. Duval adult male death rate from  homicide is double the overall Florida rate, with one in ten adult men dying in Florida from gunshots being a resident of Duval county (surpassed only by Miami-Dade with about one in four).

Two men die every day from Cancer in Duval County, yet one in five smokes and only about one in two will receive the recommended screening for their age for prostate and colon cancer.

Cancer (1).png

About one in ten men have Diabetes in Duval County. Ten men die every month from Diabetes related causes.

There are about three fatal heart attacks each week in Duval county involving men and about ten fatal strokes each month. One in three men in Duval County has hypertension and the majority is engaged in controlling their blood pressure.

More Facts about Men's Overall Health

​Men engage in more risky behaviors (sexually, substance abuse, etc). The coalition will continue bringing experts together with high risk men to reduce the disparities that exist in their lives.


Men define themselves by their work, and so it is important that as a community we close the employment and wage gap that exists based on race and where you live.


Seeking care for mental illness is not common for men. Men live stressful lives trying to care for themselves and their families. The long term affect of stress has an impact on all aspects of their lives.


How long you live or life expectancy is closely correlated to wealth/poverty. Education is also a strong predictor of life expectancy.  Your life expectancy is longer the more educated you are.

The HJMHC recognizes that men tend to lead less healthy lifestyles than women and will continue its outreach and advocacy efforts. The coalition will also work with other opportunities to establish a safety net for males who seek medical care but not have the financial resources to access care.

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